The Covid agents will have very limited functions. | Guillem Mas


Town halls in the Balearics have until September 10 to request 'Covid agents', who will "reinforce, complement and strengthen" town halls' means for ensuring compliance with Covid measures, "without replacing local police officers".

The ministry for the presidency and public function says that there is an initial pool of 132 agents. They are drawn from people who have applied to be police officers or firefighters over the past five years but who haven't been selected.

These agents, explains the ministry, will work together with local police forces in performing predetermined functions. As well as Covid compliance, they will be involved with traffic controls and security at municipal offices and will assist at road accidents.

The government will foot the bill for the recruitment of these agents. There is presently a fund of 1.3 million euros. Town halls will be supplied with an explanatory guide regarding the functions of Covid agents and how they are to be deployed.

This scheme has met with opposition from certain senior police figures. Not all mayors are said to be in favour. A concern is that the agents will lack the necessary training.