Clubbers in the Balearic Islands. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The Nightlife Employer’s Association, Abone, is hoping that discos and other venues in the Balearic Islands will be allowed to reopen their doors from October.

Abone President, Miguel Pérez-Marsá met with Government Spokesperson and Minister of Tourism, Iago Negueruela on Thursday to discuss the conditions for reopening the Sector, which has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

During the meeting, Minister Negueruela said he wants to open all economic sectors in the safest way possible and is aware that the nightlife sector is one of the most affected by the Covid restrictions.

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Ibiza Nightlife Manager, José Luis Benítez and Abone President, Miguel Pérez-Marsá presented their proposals for resuming activity, which included several limitations, including reduced capacity, the use of masks on dance floors and table service.

"Finding a formula that guarantees health security and is viable for business is the priority,” said Pérez-Marsá who added that nightlife venues should be able to comply with the schedule according to the corresponding Municipal Licenses.

"We are talking about the minimum to be able to resume activity and make it profitable," said Pérez-Marsá.

It's also been suggested that it might be better to open clubs and discos in the Balearic Islands gradually, rather than all at the same time.