Dozens of people in Carrer de Sant Magi, Palma. | Ultima Hora


Residents of es Jonquet say they're absolutely fed up of thousands of people are partying, drinking illegally, making noise and fighting in the streets of Santa Catalina every weekend.

We are the new Punta Ballena, there are people who are taking medication for the noise and vandalism that happens every Friday and Saturday night in es Jonquet, with illegal drinking and fights. Carrer de Sant Magí, Carrer de Monsenyor Palmer and this part of Avenida Argentina are the new Punta Ballena, the behaviour is completely uncivil, it is worse than before the pandemic.”

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The people who are complaining about the situation don’t want to be named, because they fear retaliation.

“It wouldn’t be the first time that bottles and stones have been thrown at houses or vehicles, so people here are afraid that they will be identified if they make an official complaint,” explains one neighbour. "The police can’t do anything about it, there's so many people, they just laugh at them, it's painful. When they close bars and nightclubs, people don't leave, they dance, they sing, and so on."

There are also fears that if the Police try to disperse the crowds, it could spark violent clashes like the ones between the Police and young people who were drinking illegally in Barcelona in recent days.