A rise in Covid ward admissions in Mallorca. | Teresa Ayuga


The health ministry didn't issue any Covid figures over the weekend. The Monday report doesn't provide a catch-up as the case numbers are for the most recent 24 hours - 27 new positive cases of coronavirus. Of these, 25 are in Mallorca; there is one in both Ibiza and Minorca.

The daily test rate is 1.24%, which breaks the trend of below one per cent from last week but may be a reflection of a lower number of tests.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is 75.4, down from 83.9 on Friday. In Mallorca it is 72.7, down from 78.8; Ibiza 119.9, down from 140.3; Minorca 34.5, down from 48.1; Formentera 42.0 (no change). The seven-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is down from 38.67 to 30.39.

On hospital wards there are 96 Covid patients in all - 67 in Mallorca and 29 in Ibiza. The number in Mallorca is up six compared with Friday. In Ibiza there is a decrease of three. On Friday, there were two patients in Minorca; there are now none. The ICU Covid occupancy rate is now 9%, having come down from 9.9% on Friday. There are 27 patients in Mallorca and three in Ibiza. On Friday, there were 29 and five respectively. (It looks as if there is a small error in the reporting as a total of 31 patients in ICU is given, but the breakdown is 30.)

Primary care is monitoring 1,148 people in the Balearics, a decrease of 108 since Friday, and 837 in Mallorca specifically, a decrease of 78.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 99,454 cases and 962 deaths - the ministry has confirmed two more deaths.

As to vaccination, 849,956 people in the Balearics have had at least one dose (82.13%). With the complete course there are 832,109 (80.41%).