Encarna Piñero, Carmen Sampol, Otman Ktiri, Gloria Fluxá, Gabriel Escarrer & Ginés Martinez with Industry, Tourism & Trade Minister, Reyes Maroto at the Palacio de Congresos in Palma. | Ultima Hora


Representatives from Hotel chain, Energy and Transport companies are confident that tourism in the Balearic Islands will recover in 2022.

They made their predictions at a ‘Dialogues on the Future of the Circular Economy’ forum at the Palacio de Congresos in Palma on Tuesday, which was coordinated by Hosteltur.

The forum was Industry, Tourism & Trade Minister, Reyes Maroto's idea, who listened attentively as Meliá CEO, Gabriel Escarrer, Sampol CEO, Carmen Sampol, Piñero CEO, Encarna Piñero and Jumbo Tours/Alpitour Group CEO, Ginés Martínez and Iberostar Group Head of Sustainability, Gloria Fluxá, voiced their concerns.

The delegates called for a reduction in the Tourist Tax, that the Government pay more attention to tourist industry problems and be proactive in negotiating the Next Generation funds from the EU for the tourist industry. Business owners fear that competing destinations will adopt a more aggressive strategy towards Brussels in order to obtain funds quickly and use them to boost tourism.

The circular economy was also heavily analysed at the meeting.

“The progress made in terms of sustainability will be key in the coming years to build loyalty to tourism demand,” said Minister Maroto.

The second day of the forum focussed on waste, recycling and investing in innovation and efficient consumption.