Coca de verduras

Coca de verduras.

07-10-2021Toni Guillem Campins

We are asking our readers to send us their recipes for typical Mallorcan dishes so that visitors who have returned home, can still have a taste of the island.

This recipe from Toni Guillem Campins is for Coca de Verduras, an easy and delicious dish to make.

My recipe of Coca de verdura is:

For de dough:

2 cup of milk

1 cup of olive oil

Flour that need (Xeixa)

Ingredients on top:




Tomato (ramallet)



Red hot paprika(tap de corti)

Back paprika



Owen 180° 20minuts.

Also, vote in our survey for your top Mallorcan dish. Vote here:

Send us your recipes for the following dishes which will appear online and the top recipes which will be judged by our panel of top Mallorcan food judges, will be published in our special edition for the London World Travel Market tourism fair next month.

All entries will receive a prize of a bottle of Mallorcan virgin olive oil.

Send your recipes with photos (videos) to

Deadline is Friday, October 8


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