Guardia Civil Officers recovering body from the sea. archive photo. | A. Sepúlveda


An investigation has been launched after three badly decomposed bodies were found in Mallorcan waters in the space of 11 days.

The corpse of a woman in a diving suite was found near Can Pastilla on Monday, September 27. An autopsy confirmed that she drowned and had been in the sea for more than a week, but there were no reports in Mallorca of a missing person matching her profile.

On October 6, Guardia Civil Officers discovered the lifeless body of a man during a rescue mission to save shipwrecked migrants near Cabrera.

On October 7, a package was spotted floating in the sea near Cap Blanc and the witness notified the Guardia Civil. The body a man was found inside the package.

Experts suggest that strong currents may have brought the deceased into Mallorcan waters from elsewhere in the Mediterranean.