Two jabs for the over-70s. | Govern de les Illes Balears

There will be two schedules for the flu vaccination campaign in the Balearics. The health ministry has announced that between November 4 and 21 there will be simultaneous flu and Covid third dose vaccination for the over-70s. From November 22 to December 17 (a period that may be extended), there will be flu vaccination for the over-65s and the various other groups who qualify for the flu jab.

The over-70s will be contacted by the InfoVacuna phone service and be given an appointment. The two jabs will be given at the same time, the flu jab in one arm, the Covid vaccine in the other arm.

For all those just having the flu jab, the arrangement will be as usual - call or go to the health centre in order to make an appointment. The ministry has acquired 80,000 more doses of the flu vaccine than last year.

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At a Friday press conference to announce these schedules, health minister Patricia Gómez also outlined findings of a report regarding the effectiveness of Covid vaccination. From January to September, between 16,500 and 26,000 cases of infection were prevented, as were between 3,800 and 4,800 hospital admissions, between 560 and 700 ICU admissions, and between 800 and 1,350 deaths.