At the Palma International Boat Show in June. | Pilar Pellicer


The Balearic nautical sector bounced back strongly over the summer. There was particular demand for smaller boats, the vice-president of the nautical businesses association in the Balearics, Tina Campins, noting that boats of five to six metres, which can be towed, registered the highest sales. She also attributes this demand to a lack of moorings.

Fernando Larunbe, president of Spain's sailing clubs association, says: "The biggest problem in the Balearics continues to be the lack of moorings. While the number of people who want to sail has increased exponentially, ports are still limited to an unchanged number of moorings."

The lack of moorings, an increased interest in sailing and an attitude that favours shared use all explain the rise of the sailing clubs. "They have a great future," Larunbe believes. These clubs offer a fleet of boats in exchange for a subscription and without having to worry about maintenance, mooring or insurance.