Arms were seized in June. | Policia Nacional

Five people in Ibiza are in prison following a National Police investigation into drugs trafficking that led to the discovery that arms were also being smuggled.

In all, there were seven arrests, two of these in June and the other five in late September. Of the seven, there are two women. Three are Spanish, three are Colombian and one is Venezuelan.

An investigation was opened in January this year. This culminated in raids on three addresses on September 24 and 25. Police seized two kilos of cocaine, more than three kilos of hashish, 500 grams of marijuana, some 20 grams of MDMA and more than half a kilo of substance for adulteration.

Three firearms were also seized, all of them in June when officers posed as purchasers. The two people arrested at the time had a semiautomatic pistol in their possession. The other weapons were discovered during subsequent searches.

A court in Ibiza ordered five of the seven to be held in custody.