Mallorca is now just about "low risk" for Covid. | Miquel À. Cañellas


There were no reports from the health ministry on Tuesday - it was a public holiday - and the Wednesday report is just for one day and not two. There are 33 new positive cases of coronavirus, 21 more than the exceptionally low number of 12 on Monday, all of which were in Mallorca. Of the 33, there are 26 in Mallorca, five in Ibiza and two in Formentera.

The test rate for the 12 cases on Monday was 0.89%. The ministry long stopped giving the number of tests, but this would have been around 1,350. The Wednesday rate is 1.94%, so in the region of 1,700.

There is further encouraging news regarding Covid patients in intensive care. The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down to 5.5% from 7.0%. There are 19 patients in all - 16 in Mallorca (four fewer than on Monday) and three in Ibiza (down one). On the wards, however, there has been a slight increase - 72 Covid patients. There are three more in Mallorca (56), while the number is down one in Ibiza to 16.

The number of people being monitored by primary care in the Balearics fell below 1,000 to 993 on Monday for the first time since late June. It is down a further 63 to 930. In Mallorca specifically there are 669 people, 51 fewer than on Monday.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is ever closer to dropping below 50 per 100,000, which would indicate that the islands are "low risk" for Covid. The rate is 51.7; it was 57.4 on Monday. Mallorca is closer still - 50.5, having been 56.5 on Monday. Minorca has dropped into the "new normality" category of below 25 - the rate was 18.8 on Monday but has now risen slightly to 19.9. Formentera is 50.4, as was the case on Monday, while Ibiza is down from 87.6 to 79.0. The seven-day incidence for the Balearics is down from 24.58 on Monday to 22.96.

In the municipalities, there are only two which are still in the "high-risk" category of 150 or more - Santanyi 218.2, based on 27 new cases over the 14-day period; and Sant Joan de Labritja (Ibiza) 167.3 (eleven cases).

The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic edges closer to the 100,000 mark - it is 99,885. A different ministry report does actually give a figure of 100,028. The number of deaths is 966; no new deaths have been reported.

As for vaccination, 82.47% of the target population has now had at least one dose (853,467 people in the Balearics), while 81.04% (838,706) have had the complete course.