Face masks. | Jaume Morey


The wearing of face masks outside, including in school playgrounds could soon be lifted, regardless of social distancing, according to Health Minister, Patricia Gómez.

"The situation in Spain is improving so it is understood that it is one of the measures that can be removed and this will also affect the use of masks in the schoolyard," she said.

Waiting lists

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The average waiting time for patients undergoing surgery is now almost 50 days, but IB-Salut Director, Juli Fuster claims cancer care has not been affected. However, Minister Gómez admits that staff shortages have caused delays in the breast cancer screening service.

“We have been trying to find a solution since last week and if necessary we will mobilise Healthcare professionals from other departments,” she said.

Women aged 50-69 are advised to have a mammogram once every two years.

Nursing Home residents and those over 70 are now being given a Covid booster jab, but there's no decision yet as to whether other age groups will be vaccinated a third time.