The Coll de sa Gramola fire. | Ibanat


The period for high risk of forest fires in the Balearics, which began on the first of May, ended on October 15.

The environment ministry reports that 91.73 hectares have been affected by fire this year, there having been 61 incidents. The amount of affected land is 40% lower than the average over the past thirty years and 14% lower than over the past ten years. Of the 61 incidents, 42 were in Mallorca.

The worst fire was in fact before the high-risk period. In February, 58.62 hectares were affected in Ariant, Pollensa.

The environment minister, Miquel Mir, said on Friday that although the high-risk period has ended, "the risk still exists". "Fires such as Ariant show that it is vitally important to realise the growing risk of aggravated forest fires due to the consequences of the climate emergency." In February, there were 13 incidents, compared to seven in July.

The second largest fire was that of Coll de sa Gramola (Andratx) in July. Seven hectares of scrub were affected on land that had burned during the disastrous fire of 2013.

As to the causes of fires, at least half were due to negligence; 22% were intentional. Causes for some remain to be determined.