The test rate is edging up, but it is still low. | Marcelo Sastre


There may be warning signs of a new rise in infections. The Wednesday report indicates 73 new positive cases of coronavirus. These are two fewer than on Tuesday but follow a more modest rise to 45 at the end of last week. The Monday figure of only nine cases can effectively be ignored because of the number of tests.

The 73 new cases are Mallorca 57, Ibiza 12, Minorca four. Tuesday's 75 were Mallorca 40, Ibiza 28, Minorca six, Formentera one. The test rate is 2.63%; it was 2.53% on Tuesday.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is 57.5, up from 56.5 on Tuesday. The Mallorca incidence is 51.7, down from 52.0; Ibiza 108.0, up from 99.5; Minorca 31.4, up from 28.2; Formentera 67.2, down from 84.0. Seven-day incidence in the Balearics is 29.36, up from 27.91.

The government and health ministry do of course point to the importance of hospital admissions. In this regard, the numbers of Covid patients have been fairly stable for some time. There is an increase of three to 65 on the wards - Mallorca 49 (two more), Ibiza 16 (one more) - and no change in intensive care, with 16 patients in Mallorca, three in Ibiza and an ICU Covid occupancy rate of 5.5%.

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 811 people, just three fewer than on Tuesday. In Mallorca, the number is down 16 to 564.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 100,247 cases, while the total number of deaths has risen by nine to 980. None of these nine deaths are recent - eight relate to August and one to July. The youngest of the nine was 58, and the oldest was 97. There are periodic revisions of mortality data that explain this sort of time lag.

As to vaccination, 83.28% of the target population has now had at least one dose, while 81.44% (842,816 people) have had the complete course.