"A common situation" of emergencies being overstretched, claims the union. | Cati Cladera


The SAE union of nursing technicians is once more warning that emergencies at Son Espases are being overwhelmed. According to the union, there was a "common situation" on Friday - 66 patients at 9am plus 40 waiting admission. Among these patients was an 80-year-old man "waiting for a bed for 54 hours" and another aged 63, who had been waiting more than 60 hours.

"The lack of professionals and the closure of some wards have led to hospital emergencies being overwhelmed. Patients enter and remain, as they cannot be referred to wards." The union is demanding an increase in the number of staff in the emergency unit and on wards, "so that they can start working 100 per cent and patients can be referred for admission".

The head of the union in the Balearics, Alejandro Juan Alonso, says: "Neither patients nor professionals can continue to consent to these delays due to the lack of organisation and interest of the hospital administrators." Management must "act immediately to solve this precarious situation".