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Paediatricians in the Balearic Islands say there’s been a boom in seasonal viruses since the face mask and social distancing restrictions were relaxed.

“We fear it will get worse, because not having those viruses during the pandemic means no antibodies have been produced, so the viruses may be stronger and spread to other age groups,” warns Balearic Association of Primary Care Pediatrics President, Marianna Mambié.

An epidemic of the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV which can lead to bronchitis is causing deep concern.

"It usually only occurs between December and January in the Balearic Islands, but this year it’s been around since July,” explains Juan Carlos de Carlos, Balearic Pediatric Society President and Section Chief of the Pediatric ICU at Son Espases Hospital. “It affects infants, particularly those under 3 months and every year, 20-40 children are admitted to hospital or the ICU. The younger the children are the more serious it can be.”