Carlo Heuvelman. recent photo. | Ultima Hora


Homicide Officers from Palma have gone to Hilversum in the Netherlands to help with the investigation into the murder of Dutch tourist in the Balearic capital.

Ajax fan, Carlo Heuvelman came on holiday to Mallorca with friends in July this year.

On July 14, a gang of Dutch tourists aged 18-20 allegedly started fighting in a bar in Playa de Palma and were thrown out.

The group then allegedly attacked 5 other Dutch tourists; beating one until he was unconscious and beating up 3 others including Carlo Heuvelman, who was allegedly kicked in the head after he fell on the ground. He was rushed to Son Espases Hospital but died as a result of serious brain injuries.

Police investigating the murder of Carlo Heuvelman.

An 18 year old alleged suspect who was arrested in connection with the case, told Police he was with the group, but claimed he did not participate in the attack and Officers say CCTV footage backs his story.

The alleged suspects, who fled Mallorca at dawn the next day after hearing that the Police were looking for them, 8 of them have been identified.