Son Sant Joan Airport Tower, Palma. | AENA


It looks like Mallorca is in for a bumper winter season this year, with more flights scheduled to take off and land at Son Sant Joan Airport than in 2019.

The boost in air traffic is down to an increase in inter-island and mainland flights along with a vast improvement in flights to foreign destinations, according to AENA.

Between the end of October 2021 and the end of March 2022, Son Sant Joan will register 41,000 flights, up 15% compared to 2019 and the number of scheduled seats will increase by 20% to more than 6.6 million.

Domestic air traffic will be up 17% to 25,800 and the number of seats will increase by 20% to 3.9 million.

International air traffic will rise by 9% to 15,000 and the number of seats will be up 9%, to 400,000.

The forecast is very optimistic, but AENA-Palma urges caution.

"It is very important to bear in mind that, although the forecast figures are positive, the degree of uncertainty is still very high, given the circumstances we find ourselves in, because company programmes are subject to significant changes,” said Aena. "We must also remember that activity was very low in the last two weeks of March, 2019, which influences comparisons as a whole."


Condor, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Ryanair and EasyJet have 1.5 million seats for sale, down 6% compared to 2019 and Jet2, British and EasyJet have 400,000 seats for sale, down 1%.

Flights to and from the Nordic market and Central European countries are symbolic, but the French market is still unknown.

Ibiza has 1.6 million seats for sale which is an increase of 25% compared to 2019 and 10,500 flights are scheduled, with the Netherlands as the main source market.

Mahón has 5,400 flights scheduled, up 19.9% from 2019 and 668,000 seats for sale, which is an increase of 19%.