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A film based on the life of former Mallorca resident Greville Wynne opens in two local cinemas tomorrow. Wynne was recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service to deliver messages to a double agent in Russia. They were both arrested by the KGB in October 1962, coincidentally at a moment when some of the information their endeavours produced was instrumental to the West during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and convicted of espionage.

Struggling with deteriorating health, Wynne was released in 1964 after the British arranged an exchange of Soviet spy Konon Molody. He lived on Mallorca in the late 1970s and opened a rose exporting business in Bunyola. Wynne was well known in the El Terreno and Plaza Gomila areas of Palma. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as as Greville Wynne.

THE COURIER (In English)


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