The heliport "Sa Muntanya" would be some 100 metres above sea level. | Michel's


In Puerto Andratx there is a development project that envisages the creation of a heliport. The project is on a plot almost 100 metres above sea level and less than a kilometre from the Can Borràs and Monport developments.

When it comes to authorising a heliport, the Spanish government has the final say. Nevertheless, 23 other national and regional bodies have issued reports, none of which are binding.

In its report, the Balearic Environment Commission says that the plot is classified as rustic land and has been declared a rural area of ​​landscape interest. Under the Mallorca territorial plan, the possibility of a heliport would appear not to be contemplated.

The environment commission adds that account should be taken of the heliport's "area of influence". Take-off and landing would, for example, include the island of Dragonera. The commission also draws attention to potential pollution and noise and to negative impacts on birds.