Drug bust in Colònia de Sant Jordi, Mallorca. | Ultima Hora


Police say the drugs confiscated during a bust in Mallorca last week were likely bound for Germany.

That suggests that Mallorca is being used both as a base for dealing and as a starting point for trafficking, along with Andalusia, Valencia and other mainland locations, according to Udyco de Palma, Faustino Nogales.

He also recalled a similar operation last May when another huge amount of drugs that exceeded capacity in Mallorca, were seized.

“Organisations have to allocate more resources in means and infrastructure in the Balearic Islands than on the mainland, but they do it and they are doing well,” he said.

Last week's marijuana haul was one of the biggest in Mallorca for years with a street value of more than 1,200 million euros.

The plantations were detected during the course of separate investigation in the Sant Jordi area and were later confirmed with aerial shots.

Police arrested 2 men and confiscated nearly half a ton of marijuana.