Repair and maintenance at Palma port, Mallorca

Repair and maintenance in Palma is an important activity for the Balearic economy.

03-11-2021Gabriel Alomar

The president of the Adnea association of nautical companies and self-employed, Álex Casares, is warning that "hundreds of jobs are going to be lost" because 25,000 square metres of seasonal space at the port in Palma, for which there is usual authorisation, cannot be used. As well as the jobs, some 300 companies and self-employed risk losing around 50 million euros.

On Wednesday, Casares explained that thirty boats scheduled for repair and maintenance in Palma are beginning to depart for ports on the mainland because the Balearic Ports Authority (APB) has not granted seasonal occupation permission to companies that usually operate in the STP (Servicios Técnicos Portuarios) area of the port.

The ports authority says that this authorisation cannot be given because the Spanish government's attorney's office has advised that allocating this space for more than three years is illegal and that this must be done through a new concession or an extension to the one that STP already has.

Faced with what is an urgent situation, the State Ports administration has requested a new legal report from the attorney to find out if authorisation can be granted for one last time and on an exceptional basis. There has so far been no reply to this request.

Jordi Mora, president of the Pimem small to medium-sized businesses federation, of which Adnea is a member, says that "boats have started to leave for the mainland and for competing ports". He is urging an immediate removal of the "bureaucratic obstacles" that are hindering the concession of spaces that have been used for years for repairing boats in the low season.


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Rich / Hace 3 months

Working in the marine sector I hear many captains not happy with STP's prices...they just keep on going up and some are saying that if this continues they will consider using another refit yard. No doubt this problem now will be another excuse to put their prices up.