Certain restrictions on nightlife remain in place. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - PILAR PELLICER


The Balearic High Court today approved the extension of the need to show a covid passport to enter a night club until December 8 in Mallorca and Ibiza, but not Minorca.

The court considers the measure justified by "its suitability, necessity and proportionality" and rejected that this rule violates fundamental rights such as the protection of personal data or the right to privacy of individuals.

The court pointed out that there is still uncertainty about the treatment of the virus, as well as about the ways in which the virus is transmitted and spreads, and that the level of vaccination is "considerable", although it is still "not sufficient to lead to the complete elimination of preventive measures of social distancing".

The court considers that the requirement of the covid certificate for access to entertainment venues should be extended in order to prevent the spread of the virus, in order to "defend the primordial", given that "there is no more fundamental right than the fundamental right to life and health".