Juan Pedro Yllanes (centre) at one of the photovoltaic park plots. | Pedro Aguiló Mora

A solar park project in Bunyola will generate 40 million watts, sufficient to supply electricity to 12,000 homes. The park will comprise 79,920 solar panels on five plots at the Ses Veles industrial estate. There will be storage batteries of 80 milliwatt hours, something that the ministry of energy transition says is very important for the Balearics. As there is to be great dependence on solar energy, as much as possible needs to be stored.

For the minister of energy transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes, the Bunyola project, which will be carried out by a company called IFV Mallorca, is a strategic one in terms of government objectives.

The objectives include seventy per cent of energy consumed in the Balearics being produced on the islands. With this target in mind, 25% by 2023 is the first step but also "a giant step".