Announcement of the recipe contest. |


The Tramuntana XXI association is to hold a cuisine contest that will promote local produce and revive recipes that are "made in the Tramuntana". With the support of the Council of Mallorca's local development department, the contest will take place during the Tramuntana Gastronomy Week (November 22 to 28).

At least 30% of ingredients will have to come from the Tramuntana. The history of the recipe will need to be explained. This could be the person who invented it, when it was invented or if it comes from a specific place. There will also have to be a photograph, which could be of the dish or of the cook or of a gathering with people eating it.

All the recipes will from part of the virtual cookbook that the association has been preparing since the previous gastronomy week. The first prize will go to the recipe most rooted in the Tramuntana. The second prize will be for the recipe with the best family history, and the third will be for the recipe that best revives products that are disappearing from Mallorcan cuisine. The winners will receive hampers of local products worth 300 euros (for the first prize), 150 euros for the second and 50 for the third.