No more bullfights in Alcudia. | Amalia Estabén


The bullring in Alcudia will no longer host bullfights. The town hall intends to change the use of the oldest arena in Mallorca to cultural and social purposes. The mayor, Bàrbara Rebassa, has confirmed that this will be the case, now that the concession for managing the arena has expired.

Built in 1892 in the Sant Ferran bastion of the Renaissance wall, which in turn dates from the 17th century, the bullring is the oldest arena on the island, and Alcudia has been one of the island's main bullfighting locations. Traditionally, two bullfights were held annually - for the fiestas of Sant Jaume (July 25) and the Mare de Déu d’Agost (August 15). In recent years, as elsewhere in Mallorca, there have been anti-bullfighting demonstrations.

At the most recent council meeting, the mayor was asked about plans for the bullring, the opposition Partido Popular concerned that the arena could suffer from a lack of maintenance. Rebassa explained that it is being maintained well, "as we are aware that it is an historic site", and that there will not be a new tender for its management.

The final project has yet to be fully defined, but "the idea is to turn it into a centre of activities for associations and cultural groups and, if this is possible, to set up rehearsal rooms for musicians". "That it will no longer be a bullring is something that we are clear about, we will make a change to sociocultural use. Although there are those who defend bullfights as a cultural asset and the law obliges bullfighting use to continue, the fact is that the arena does not comply with the regulations."

The town hall last put the bullring out to tender in April 2015. This was for a period of four years in exchange for the payment of an annual fee of 7,500 euros. The concessionaire committed to organising at least two bullfights a year and to maintaining the arena.