Catalina Cladera at the presentation of the 2022 budget. | Consell de Mallorca


The Council of Mallorca's 2022 budget will be 519.6 million euros in 2022, the highest ever, but if other funds are added, such as budget surplus and those from Europe, it will rise to some 600 million.

The 519 million is 25.5 million more than this year. The president, Catalina Cladera, said on Tuesday that more resources than ever will be allocated to reinforce the Council's role as the "true government of Mallorca".

In 2022, there will be 304 million for social policies, 122 for economic policies and 46 million for environmental actions. Cladera highlighted the fact that spending on social policies has grown by 61% since 2015.

The Council will next year assume "full" powers for tourism, with responsibilities to be transferred by the Balearic government. For this, there will be an item of 12 million euros, 60% more money for tasks such as tourism management in Mallorca.