Ca n'Andria, one of the two sites. | Lola Olmo


Santa Maria del Camí town hall has approved the development of some 300 hundred new homes on two sites - one by the bypass and the other at Ca n'Andria. These developments were foreseen under regulations of 1988 and 1996, but they will be considerably smaller than the old regulations envisaged.

Environmentalists Terraferida have raised objections to the developments, its spokesperson Mateu Vic saying that services and infrastructure are not in a condition to allow an increase in resident numbers from 7,500 to 8,500.

Juan Recio of the Alternativa per Santa Maria, who voted against the developments, argues that Santa Maria doesn't need to grow any more. Town hall administrations have had over 30 years to modify urban planning regulations, and the current one now presents a plan "with just three weeks to study it".