Galley horse in Playa de Muro. | Ultima Hora


Playa de Muro is about to become one of the first cities in Spain to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric models.

Muro City Council has welcomed the change and is already working on an urban transport regulation for electric traction buggies.

"The proposal has come from the drivers themselves, who were constantly insulted this summer and some were even attacked. It’s a very positive change," said Mayor, Antoni Serra.

The same proposal has been put forward by the Galley Association in Puerto d'Alcúdia.

“7 families in Muro and 11 in Alcudia make their living from the horse-drawn carriages, said a galley representative. “We don’t mistreat our animals, but society has become much more sensitive so we have to adapt to survive and we don’t want deal with the atrocities that are yelled at us every day.”

While the regulation is being processed, the galley families are looking for electric carriage manufacturers.

The main factory in Spain is in Xàtiva, the electric models cost between 9,800 and 13,500 euros each and there’s a long waiting list.