Torrential rain brought down IV Misteri de Lluc monument. | Ultima Hora


Persistent heavy rains in Mallorca have brought down the IV Misteri de Lluc monument.

It had been in danger of collapse for some time because of its poor foundations, which had deteriorated over the years and last night the Bisbat of Mallorca, Escorca City Council and the Consell were informed that it had fallen.

Technicians are planning to carry out an inspection of the monument to assess the damage, but it appears that the sculptural elements have not suffered irreparable damage.

A series of topographic, structural studies and scans were carried out on the monument to try to stop it collapsing and Bisbat, the Santuari de Lluc, Escorca City Council and the Consell de Mallorca had already started discussing ways to finance its restoration.

When the weather clears up a bit, the monument will be removed, restored and put back.