People on train to Palma. recent photo. | Ultima Hora


2,240 people have signed 25 petitions calling for improvements to the railway network in Mallorca.

The petitions were handed into the Ministry of Mobility & Housing by the Train Users Association who denounced the declaration of a climate emergency in the Balearics and the Balearic Law against Climate Change and said the Government’s declarations contradict the facts that trains are the best alternative to private vehicles, provide a great social service and are beneficial to the environment.

"We do not understand why public transport which is the greenest, most efficient per ton transported, emits less greenhouse gases and is safer, is not favoured by the Balearic Government," said Association spokesperson, Guillem Ramis. “As for the most serious problem of gas emissions, it turns out that we have the most cars per capita in Spain and that the Government's Mobility policy does not correspond to the statements they make.”

Ramis has also requested a train network that covers all of Mallorca and dismissed projects such as the extension of the metro patches as being more for the media than actual facts.

“What is really needed is a powerful investment that compensates for the divestment of the last 60 years, which has been aimed at boosting car sales,” he said.

The Association has accused the Government of dismantling the Mallorca railway, which used to reach 33 locations and now only reaches 18, whereas the number of cars on the island has soared from 40,000 to more than one million.

“For 20 years there have been trains that do not allow people to take their bikes onboard, because there are not enough trains,” claims Ramis. “That is inconsistent with climate change law and the climate emergency, because there are no concrete measures to change the mobility model.

The document they handed in to the Ministry of Mobility & Housing lists 25 demands, including lowering the price of a single ticket, making trains more efficient and more frequent and extending the timetable to include trains for people who start work in Palma before 08:00 and for those who finish at 22:00.

They are also criticised the new tariff system and called for a users satisfaction survey to find out what people think of the train service.

"We are tired of being told that it is cheaper when know that it is not true and that it is actually more expensive than before," said Ramis.

The signatures handed in on Monday will be added to those collected by customers abroad who will send them to the Ministry.

The Association is confident that if the petition had continued for longer more signatures would have been collected.

"We haven't found anyone who says the company or the Government is doing a good job or that the service is good."