Get the vaccine.

Get the vaccine.


The message from the Balearic government to those who are still unvaccinated was pretty blunt; get the vaccine and we will be able to enjoy a nornal Christmas.

Thousands of people across the islands have still not had the Covid jab and there are fears that this could lead to a rise in the number of cases over the festive period.

Over recent weeks there has been a slight rise in the number of Covid cases across the Balearics putting the Balearic government on alert.

Yesterday, there message was clear. Get the vaccine at once.


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Mark / Hace 2 months

I am currently in Greece. You cannot enter a shop, restaurant or cafeteria without showing your vaccination QR + ID. Only supermarkets and bakeries allow unvaccinated indiciduals. So we should count ourselves lucky we do not have this in Spain (yet). For the rest: what Frank says.


David / Hace 2 months

Now now Rich play nice. But I agree with you inferences as some of the political aristocracy seem intent on controlling us proles. Well meant of course, all for our own good and safety. But slowly stripping individual choices and decisions and hard won freedoms away.


Rich / Hace 2 months

@frank. I'm guessing your in favour of covid passports? Where would you suggest the QR code be displayed, on an armband or perhaps tattooed on the inner wrist area? Just watch Austria to see whats coming ( It's almost like they're paying homage to one of their favourite sons).


James / Hace 2 months

@Rich. I totally agree. It's time to stop the fear. And the Media and politicians need to stop making personal choices for there people like we can't risk access ourselves, they don't own us, they work for us. They have got far to use to the power we allowed them to have. I for one will not have my freedoms stopped anymore for this nonsense. If you want to wear a mask wear a mask, but leave others alone who choose not to. And if you want to be booster shot every 6 month's to travel freely carry on, but again leave the others that choose not to be experimented on alone. This insanity needs to stop for everybody's health. Read the State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth it will awaken you from this brainwashing nightmare.


Rich / Hace 2 months

Vaccine manufacturers have blood on their hands, they told us the vaccine provided 90+ per cent immunity and so the inoculated mingled freely spreading the virus leading, in some cases, to death. Big pharma the modern day false prophets.


James / Hace 2 months

Them vaccine work that well, everybody's now being ordered to take the 3rd shot. But they really work honestly! They do!


Frank / Hace 2 months

People who don't get vaccinated are selfish. Figures everywhere show vaccinated people have less severe symptoms and hence use up less critical hospital facilities. You could argue unvaccinated people are partly responsible for the rise in the increase in late cancer diagnosis. There is no excuse not to get vaccinated. I would withdraw medical aid to people who get Covid and had refused to be vaccinated as is the case in Singapore.


James / Hace 2 months

Freedom is not a reward for good behaviour. Threatening people will not make a difference to this percentage of people. Clearly the people who have not, will not take this vaccine regardless of what threats are thrown around. So leave them alone or end up dividing your country like so many others are by creating medical aparthied. This vaccine does nothing in stopping transmission and to think people think vaccine passports are a good idea baffles me.