Covid vaccination centre on wheels.


A study by the Balearic Ministry for Health says that 50 percent of those people who are still unvaccinated are foreigners.

The Balearic government has called for everyone to get the jab so that we will be able to enjoy a "normal festive season."

The number of Covid cases has been gradually increasing in the Balearics over recent days and the Balearic government has blamed those who are refusing to get the vaccine.

Of the 177 cases reported on Tuesday, there are 116 in Mallorca, 42 in Minorca, 18 in Ibiza and one in Formentera. The 74 cases reported on Monday were Mallorca 72, Minorca two. This does give an indication as to the lack of testing on Sundays.

The daily positivity test rate is 5.37% for the 177 cases. It was 4.11% for Monday's 74 cases and 6.03% last Friday.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics has risen from 114.0 on Monday to 120.3; it was 102.3 on Friday. In Mallorca, it is up from 104.1 on Monday to 110.6; Minorca, up from 222.7 to 234.2; Ibiza, up from 108.0 to 110.0; Formentera, 75.6 (the same as Monday). The seven-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is up to 74.69 from 68.71 on Monday.