The pandemic meant closed businesses and loss of jobs. | Teresa Ayuga


Figures from the Tax Agency show that 135,653 workers in the Balearics in 2020 had salaries which equated to no more than 475 euros a month for fourteen payments. They represented almost 30% of workers last year, and their annual salary therefore didn't exceed 50% of the minimum wage, which in 2020 was 13,300 euros per year or fourteen payments of 950 euros.

The pandemic influenced this low level of pay and the number of employees who received it - 55% more than in 2019, when the number of people registered with social security was the highest ever.

As the 2020 tourism season was devastated by the pandemic, there were many workers who were unable to get any employment contract. There were many others who were placed on ERTE furlough. In May, some 150,000 workers in the Balearics were on ERTE. The percentage in the Balearics, similar to that of the Canaries, was the highest in Spain.

Getting on for half the workers in the Balearics - 229,873 - didn't earn more than the minimum wage.