Testing in Ibiza

Test rate over six per cent again.

24-11-2021Marcelo Sastre

The health ministry's Wednesday report indicates 257 new positive cases of coronavirus, 22 more than on Tuesday. There are 196 cases in Mallorca, 36 in Minorca, 23 in Ibiza and two in Formentera. Of the 235 cases reported on Tuesday, 177 were in Mallorca, 41 in Minorca and 17 in Ibiza.

The test rate for the 257 cases is 6.41%, this rate having dropped from 6.10% for 79 cases on Monday to 5.50% for the Tuesday 235 cases.

On hospital wards, the number of Covid patients has increased by four to 70 - Mallorca 58 (up five), Ibiza ten (down one), Minorca two. In intensive care, the ICU occupancy rate is down from 7% to 6.7%. There are 23 Covid patients - 18 in Mallorca (down one), one in Ibiza and four in Minorca.

A total of 2,541 people in the Balearics are being monitored by primary care, an increase of 127. In Mallorca, there are 1,933 people, 78 more than on Tuesday.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 104,288 cases and 1,020 deaths - the ministry has confirmed one more death, an 88-year-old woman who died in Mallorca on September 13.

Vaccination - 874,545 people (84.51% of the target population) have had at least one dose, 388 more than on Tuesday, while 857,162 (82.83%) have had the complete course - 352 more.


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Rich / Hace 2 days

Thanks for giving us the age of the deceased. 88 a ripe old age, 6yrs longer than the average life expectancy. The more details you can give us the better, surely it is good to provide us with more detailed data? Perhaps it will encourage the unvaccinated to get vaccinated if they see that there are a lot of those aged less than 65 dying. Perhaps you could provide us with this information now please. Also, why do you use August as your benchmark regarding the levels of new cases. What I'm saying is if cases drop below the August level will you report it as a record low?


Charlie / Hace 2 days

Presumably being second highest for foreign tourists in October results in record Covid numbers in November?


James / Hace 3 days

88 year old woman has died, and ICU and hospital admissions are down. So explain the importance of the cases???


Adam / Hace 3 days

Well it looks as though the politicians got it wrong again and are going to tell the people to go home early stay home and have a Merry Christmas !!!!