Roads in Ibiza

Investment under the roads agreement has been an issue for several years.

26-11-2021Marcelo Sastre

A Partido Popular amendment to the state budget for 146 million euros investment in roads in the Balearics has been rejected by Congress.

The PP had raised a number of amendments related to the Balearics, all of which were turned down. They included another 146 million euros for waste-treatment plants and 4.4 million euros for improved radar surveillance to detect migrant boats.

The budget for 2022 will include the "insularity factor" for the Balearics for the first time. This item, 183 million euros, is for specific investments in the islands in order to compensate for the disadvantages of being islands.

But there is nothing for the roads agreement, a longstanding bone of contention. While Podemos were concerned about this, the PP criticised a Spanish government "trick" of having blocked this investment, while at the same time agreeing to the insularity factor.


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Adam / Hace 6 days

PP Paying for all those years of corruption in the Balearics we will see what the voters think in the next election !!!