Industrial action has led to more crowding.

The Association of Rail Users in Mallorca is considering taking the SFM rail operator to court because of the railway's "unsustainable" situation. There is a "general malaise", which is getting "increasingly worse". Deficiencies in the service have been aggravated by current strike action.

Negotiations between SFM management and workers have so far come to nothing. Meanwhile, the service continues to cause grievance. On Friday, a train for an early-morning service broke down. This led to delays.

The works council has said that the strikes will last during December.

Information management is said to be "disastrous", and there is criticism of SFM's commitment to social media, which "is leaving an entire part of the population without information". Screens and loudspeakers only give information "that interests the company, not the users; in case of incidents the information is zero".

In addition, Covid "restrictions and distance guidelines are not being met" on trains, and this has worsened because of the strike.