Fighting Covid.

Fighting Covid.


An experimental COVID-19 vaccine currently under development by Spanish pharmaceutical firm Hipra could be effective as a booster against variants of the virus, Spain's Science Minister Diana Morant said .

Morant said a Phase II trial on 1,000 volunteers who have already received another vaccine was producing good results on the alpha and beta variants of the coronavirus.

She told reporters after the weekly cabinet meeting that the vaccine would be a possible booster shot against variants.

"Hipra speaks of the ability of its vaccine to recombine variants, and that is one of the improvements that this vaccine presents compared to those that we have been inoculated with so far," she said.

"It is giving very good results precisely because it is a vaccine that recombines the proteins of the alpha and beta variants... delta came later and now we have the omicron."

Spain's medicines regulator two weeks ago authorised Hipra to carry out Phase II trials of its vaccine, which uses a recombinant protein like that of U.S. based drugmaker Novavax.
Before any eventual approval for use in humans, Hipra's vaccine candidate must demonstrate that it is safe and effective in the ongoing tests and at the final Phase III stage of clinical trials.


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James / Hace about 1 month

@Mark. I've had Covid, I lost my taste for a couple of days and felt a little tired. I have natural immunity it's far superior to your dodgy vaccine. If your vaccine works what's the importance of me being vaccinated?? I also have private medical care so I'm not taking nothing from the social. I have lived in Mallorca 20 years and pay copeus amounts in taxes every year. You people are cult like! It's frightening.


Mark / Hace about 1 month

@James, this is exactly my point ur are making. You only think about yourself, not "us" nor your neighbours, nor the weak or elderly, etc etc etc. And that is why I hope u get corona big time and barely survive, only because the great medical services saved your life and didn't switch the machine off. Then we talk again. I had a lady friend as empty minded as you.....until she got Covid big time. Now she shouts "get vaccinated!!!!!! of the roof tops. I think non vaxers should be banned from everything. As they are asocials.


James / Hace about 1 month

@Mark. We all have our different opinions. For instance I think your mad and stupid to have stuck 2 pricks of something rushed together in 10 months, of what has had very little trials and no long term study, from big pharma companies that have no liability. But I'm sure you'll be getting in line for shot 3456?? But you have had your personal choice to take your shot. I will have mine.


Mark / Hace about 1 month

I am in total agreement with James about the sensoring by MDB. It is ridiculous. But, i do not see what an opinion to do with corona, vaccines or no-vaccine has to do with left or right wing. Non vaccination is mainly a sign of stupidity and not a political preference.


James / Hace about 1 month

@Max. I'm still here. They just censor opinions they disagree with, or anger them. Or trigger them. Like all left wingers


Max / Hace about 1 month

James, where are you? I'm missing your comment here...