Two men have sent to prison. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The National Police drugs squad has carried out one of the biggest drugs busts on record in Mallorca.

The police force confirmed today that on Tuesday morning, officers seized 124 kilos of cocaine and two suspects have since been jailed on remand.

According to police sources, the drugs squad had been tracking the shipment of cocaine since it left the port of Algeciras in Cadiz. It had initially arrived from Panama hidden in industrial machinery.

However, officers involved in the operation, which was carried out in cooperation with security forces on the mainland, did not want to intercept the drugs in transit, they wanted to know what the final destination of the massive shipment was and then seize the drugs in order to also arrest those involved in the illegal trafficking. The drugs were packed on two large pallets and apparently hidden in the back of a transit van which was stopped in the Port of Palma.

On Tuesday the large police operation was mounted and the drugs were intercepted and at least two foreign suspects were arrested. But, the investigation is very much alive and yesterday afternoon, the National Police were not ruling out further arrests over the coming days once they have questioned the two suspects and combed over all of the evidence gathered to date.

The bust was a major result for the national Police in its on going war against drugs in the Balearics and it comes just days after the National Police reported that an investigation carried out by groups I and II of the Narcotics Unit (UDYCO) of the National Police in Palma, in collaboration with the Operational Unit of Customs Surveillance, made it possible to intercept a sailboat with 4,700 kilos of hashish 67 miles from Cartagena. In the operation, two people of Bulgarian nationality were arrested, belonging to an organisation dedicated to the maritime transport of narcotic substances to Europe.

The joint investigations established the existence of this criminal gang and their intention to transport a large quantity of drugs to the Spanish coast by sea.
They used this sailing boat named Floriana, flying the Polish flag, to transport the drugs.