In construction, there were some 6,000 people out of work in November. | Europa Press


Unemployment in the Balearics in November fell by 32.2% compared with November 2020, the highest percentage fall in the country. There were 27,620 fewer unemployed, leaving 57,710 out of work, 11.1% more than in October. The bulk of the unemployed - 45,893 - were from the services sector.

In November, 30,082 employment contracts were taken out, 67.3% more than in November 2020 and 12.2% lower than in October. Year-on-year registration with social security was up 8.03% to 455,838 people employed, but this registration was down 11.4% compared with October - 58,853 fewer people.

Nationwide, unemployment fell by 74,381, the biggest drop for a November; year-on-year unemployment has now fallen for nine consecutive months. The total number of unemployed was 3,182,687, the lowest for a November since 2008.

Employment, which has risen for seven consecutive months, now exceeds - by 291,799 - the number of employed people in February 2020, the month before the start of the health crisis.

Compared with October, unemployment was down in fifteen of Spain's seventeen regions. The most significant decreases were in Valencia, by 30,633, Madrid (11,477) and Andalusia (9,162). Apart from the Balearics, with 5,771 more unemployed, Asturias was the only region in the country to register a rise - 647.

The number of workers covered by the ERTE furlough scheme in Spain continued to drop - from 165,624 in October to 125,632.