The mayor met Council of Mallorca representatives earlier this week. | Joan Socies

Arta town hall's budget spending for 2022 will be 12.3 million euros. Two key projects for next year will be improvements to the old centre of Arta (1.3 million euros) and to the square in Colonia Sant Pere (250,000 euros).

For the opposition, the greatest bone of contention was with the high cost of town hall personnel. Mayor Manolo Galán stressed that the service that the town hall wants to offer depends on this spending. "If we were to lower it, there would be fewer workers and the town hall would offer fewer services."

The Arta centre and Colonia projects will have additional funding from "supra-municipal institutions", probably the Council of Mallorca - grants of 333,000 and 199,000 euros respectively. In this regard, the mayor has this week met the councillor for local development, Jaume Alzamora, himself a former mayor of Arta (2011 to 2014).