Vaccination queues at Son Dureta, Palma. | CAIB


Hundreds of people queued up to get vaccinated at Son Dureta in Palma today so that they can get their Covid Passports.

From today, customers will have to prove that they are fully vaccinated to get inside bars, restaurants and other leisure areas and events.

The Ministry of Health has stressed that anyone who has not had their jabs can go to vaccination points between 08:00-19:30 without an appointment.

The Vacubús will ba at the FAN Shopping Centre in Palma from December 7-9.

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On Friday, Health Minister, Patricia Gómez issued a fresh appeal for people to get vaccinated when she reported on the evolution of the pandemic and the measures being taken to curb the 6th wave.

She stressed that the pressure on hospitals has not increased despite the huge increase in Covid cases.

"The pandemic is progressing," she said. “The number of active cases has increased by 44% in the last week and the number of patients hospitalised with coronavirus has increased by 19%.”

The general situation in Intensive Care Units in the Balearic Islands is low risk, except for Mateu Orfila Hospital in Minorca where Covid patients occupy 5 out of every 7 beds and scheduled surgeries have been suspended.

With infections soaring once again, an extra 30 Army personnel have been drafted in to help at the tracking centre.