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Uncertainty over rental contracts for businesses at Palma's S'Escorxador centre appears to be ending.

The agreement by which Mercasa has been managing the centre for thirty years is about to expire. There have, therefore, been concerns about what this will mean for restaurants and other businesses. The town hall's councillor for internal governance, Alberto Jarabo, admits that the process has been long. Now, however, "we have reached the final phase". Precise conditions are still being hammered out, but Jarabo states that "we can guarantee that the businesses will be able to continue at S'Escorxador".

In August, the town hall agreed that if no new concession for managing the centre were in place by January 1, 2022, it would take over the management on a provisional basis. There isn't a new concession and so the town hall will do as it promised, taking care of everything needed to keep the centre going - cleaning, maintenance, lighting and so on.

As to rents to be paid by the businesses, these will be based on what Mercasa has been charging. The town hall has no desire to change the type of business, Jarabo observing that there is "satisfaction with the spirit that S'Escorxador has".