Covid Passport request at Palma restaurant. | M. À. Cañellas


Cafes and bars have been given a reprieve of at least two weeks before they'll have to demand that customers provide Covid certificates to enter their premises.

The Government says it won’t rectify the resolution which states that customers entering restaurants with space for more than 50 diners must prove that they are fully vaccinated. The wording of the resolution mentions catering establishments, a legal category in which bars and cafes are not included even although they provide food.

The TSJIB sanctioned the resolution, but the Government now says it won’t be changed again to include cafes and bars because that would mean going back to court to get permission.

The Government’s original intention was to apply the new entry regulations to restaurants, bars and cafes with a capacity of more than 50 people because they are considered to be places of risk. But there are very few bars and cafes in Palma that are as big as that.

There are larger venues in Part Forana, but Government sources claim that the vast majority of them are rarely full to capacity. Also the owners don't usually have waiters to help them, so tending the bar and controlling Covid Certificates on entry at the same time is problematic.

The Government said that the exception for bars and cafes will be in effect for at least two more weeks, depending on how the pandemic evolves, but warned that stricter measures will be introduced if and when necessary.

CAEB-Restauración's Alfonso Robledo said the mistake in the resolution has caused confusion in the Sector, but welcomed the fact that bars and cafes are not affected by the new entry restrictions.

Despite initial doubts about the new Covid Passport rules, there were no problems during the first weekend of implementation, apart from queues forming outside large restaurants in the Part Forana.

The Government has requested that Covid Passports be compulsory for entry to restaurants with a capacity for more than 50 people until January 24 and may include cafes and bars in the ruling at some point.