A person tested positive on return from the mainland. | Europa Press


The Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, confirmed on Monday that the microbiology laboratory at Son Espases Hospital is analysing three new suspected cases of the Omicron variant - three members of the same family unit.

Gómez explained that one of the family recently travelled to the mainland. After the trip, he tested positive, affecting two other people in his family.

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In addition, a person who arrived in the Balearics from South Africa is a suspected case of Omicron variant infection.

Two previous confirmed cases of Omicron were people who had been to South Africa. There is now the first possible case of Omicron where there was no travel from South Africa.

The minister added that it cannot be said that there is community transmission of the variant in the Balearics. She stressed that all contacts of these suspected cases of Omicron are being followed up to cut any possible chain of transmission.