Remains of 2 adults found at Bellver Castle. | Ultima Hora

The remains of two adults have been discovered buried 50 centimetres below the pavement at Bellver Castle.

The castle was used as a prison for French soldiers defeated at the Battle of Bailen in 1808, but they all left the castle, so finding human remains inside the Castle enclosure is a bit of a mystery.

The remains were discovered during structural consolidation work in the second defensive enclosure and a study of the paving in the inner moat of the castle. The two adults were in a supine position, with their legs stretched out and their arms crossed at the waist.

Renovation work began at Bellver Castle in August after a drainage problem was discovered on the perimeter wall.

Around 40 years ago, stone slabs were laid on the Paseo de Ronda to filter rainwater to the subsoil, but they didn't allow for evaporation, so the water accumulated and created pockets of air underground, which could eventually cause the wall to tip over.