School corridor, Balearic Islands.

School corridor, Balearic Islands.

07-12-2021Daniel Espinosa

It's almost a year since the Covid vaccination programme began and yet 1,504 teachers in the Balearic Islands have still not had their jabs, despite a rebound in cases in schools, according to Government data.

The Ministry of Health insists vaccination in the Teaching Sector is above average.

There are 20,364 teachers in the Balearics and 18,860 of them have been vaccinated: 1,086 teachers are unvaccinated in Mallorca, 150 in Minorca, 244 in Ibiza and 22 in Formentera.

489 teachers in Primary Schools have not been vaccinated, which is 7.8% of the entire group.

585 teachers in Secondary Schools have not been vaccinated, which is 6.7% of the total.

In other professions and management services in the Balearics, 437 have not been vaccinated, which is 7.9% of the total.

According to data corresponding to last week, there were 293 infections amongst children, which affected 227 schools and 1,251 teachers and students were in quarantine; 38 in Early Childhood Education, 121 in Primary Education, 38 in Secondary Schools, 8 in Bachelor and 10 in FP.

The high rate of contagion in classrooms is related to the increase in the cumulative incidence rate amongst the under 16s; this age group and 40-49 year olds have the highest rate of coronavirus infection.

The cumulative incidence in the Balearic Islands on Tuesday was 339.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days; the incidence rate amongst the under 16s was 414 cases per 100,000 in 14 days and the incidence rate amongst the 40-49 age group was 425.9 cases per 100,000 in 14 days.

This is one of the reasons why the Government wants to speed up the vaccination of children under 12 years of age.


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Tim / Hace about 1 month

What was the illness like in the children? Lots of figures here of number of cases but no mention of figures on serious illness or deaths among children. It looks like Covid is not an issue for children.


Roger / Hace about 1 month

Absolutely disgraceful that so many teachers are unvaccinated....if this trend continues the time will have to come when either you get your jab or you lose your job....there appears to be no other way of dealing with such self-centred people