Ibiza Airport - mostly domestic travellers in winter. | Marcelo Sastre

The International Vacation Confidence Index, published by the insurance company Allianz Partners, indicates that sixty-three per cent of Spaniards plan to travel within the country over the winter.

This is just behind Italians, 65%, and ahead of Americans (57%) and French (42%). The trend for internal travel suggests that international travel this winter is still being viewed with caution, even more so because of new limitations and travel advice.

As to the importance of a winter getaway, this is most valued by the Spanish (71%), followed by Italians (69%), Americans (66%), and British (58%).

Regarding trips abroad, the outlook is most positive in smaller countries. Switzerland tops the list with 38%. While the Dutch do not consider winter travel to be a priority, they nevertheless rank second in terms of foreign travel plans (31%).

The Americans intend to spend most on winter holidays this year - the equivalent of 2,993 euros - followed by the British (the equivalent of 2,216 euros). For the Spanish, the budget is 932 euros. These spending amounts are influenced by modes of transport.

The three main reasons for not travelling are: winter holidays are not important; saving money; and concerns about the pandemic. In Germany, concern about the current health crisis is the main reason (30%); in the UK this is 27%.