Cancellations due to staff shortages. | Archive


The works committee at the SFM rail operator has called off strike action planned for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. It has done so in order to enable people to travel, a decision taken with "the responsibility and a negotiating attitude that others do not have" - a reference to the Balearic government.

The committee says that it has made its "umpteenth appeal" to the government, which has not made any contact for two weeks. The ministry for mobility has not made "a single gesture" to alleviate the consequences of strike action.

"This government does not act. It does not engage in dialogue and doesn't care about the chronic problem of the Mallorca rail service. They do not seem to want to appreciate that it is everyone's business, to which we must all contribute ... and with maximum transparency."

A statement from the committee adds: "Not having addressed the increase in the workforce in recent years now leads to the cancellation of trains due to the lack of personnel. There is a consequent loss of service quality."