The four defendants, three doctors and a nursing assistant, yesterday at the trial in Via Alemania. in Palma. | Guillermo Esteban

Two doctors from the Son Llàtzer hospital who spied on the gynecological history of a nursing assistant accepted a sentence of two years in prison each and a fine of 1,800 euros. Another auxiliary nurse, who also accessed the victim's file, also accepted the same sentence. The prosecutor assessed the mitigating factor of undue delay as very qualified. The three defendants will not enter prison as they have no criminal record, so the sentence is suspended. A fourth mam, an ophthalmologist, who was the complainant's partner, denied the facts before the head of the 6th Criminal Court of Palma.

The Prosecutor's Office is demanding a three-year prison sentence and a fine of 3,000 euros for the man for the crime of revealing secrets and that the four of them compensate the victim with 5,000 euros for moral damages. The two doctors and the nursing assistant, who worked in the Ophthalmology unit, acknowledged that in 2015 they accessed the woman's gynecological medical history almost fifty times.

One of the accused explained that he was the complainant's boyfriend between November 2014 and August 2015 and that the separation was traumatic. "The relationship ended badly because I went back to my ex-partner [also under investigation]. That energized her and changed her attitude towards me in a terrible way." The ophthalmologist acknowledged that he accessed her file because he had her consent. "I entered her medical records on 14 occasions because she asked me to act as her doctor, to look at her test results and I showed them to her in front of her. She asked me to access her gynecological records during the month she was pregnant." A colleague of both stated that at that time "it was common to be asked to access the medical records". The then hospital manager noted that following the woman's complaint he opened a file on those involved, but did not cite her then partner, the accused ophthalmologist. "We initially ruled him out."